Jonathan Foster


Authentic roots music for the ears of old souls – award-winning songwriter Jonathan Foster is a recording artist and touring musician from Cranberry Lake, New York and Redding, California. Over the past ten years he has released five independent studio albums, including his latest Lantern Shade (2021), and has performed over ten U.S. tours spanning the country several times. His sound can be referenced as Folk-Americana with a strong vocal presence woven with imaginative lyrics, acoustic guitar, harmonica, and engaging songs that make you feel at home. Whether he’s in the mountains, the plains or on a city stage you’ll find this songbird singing. Jonathan enjoys sharing his music and stories from his travels at an intimate level mixing in observations of the people, places, and wonders of the world. Join Jonathan Foster as he explores and smiles his way through his musical journey and take his songs down the highway, water, or trail with you.

His 5th full-length independent studio effort, Lantern Shade, is packed with musical residuals from the past year of reflective moments during uncertain days. Somewhere between the dark and the light, this 10-song long player comes to life with vocal conviction, imaginative lyrics, driven guitars, and roots sounds inspired from time in the Cascade Mountains to memories of his hometown Cranberry Lake, New York. The album steers towards the rock side of modern folk music with some big help from Bruce Turgon on bass guitar and Joe Misztal on drums. Lantern Shade comes out of the gate with the catchy single “Stardust Saltwater” and weaves between the heavy “The Beast”, “Into The Black”, “The Ship” and fun “When It Gets Dark”, “Alpine Line”, “Shady Grove”, “Ani Bird” to dedicated celebrations “May Our Paths Cross Again” and “Where We Belong”.

Jonathan grew up in Cranberry Lake, New York in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and has called Northern California home since 2001, primarily atop the Central Valley in Redding. In his music you’ll hear traces of his rural upbringing, geographic meanderings, and love of the outdoors with inspiration from John Prine, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, The Band, James McMurtry, Todd Snider, Townes Van Zandt, Hayes Carll, Gillian Welch, R.E.M., Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Natalie Merchant, Tom Petty, Emmylou Harris, Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon, Tracy Chapman, Johnny Cash, The Decemberists, Uncle Tupelo, and The Tragically Hip.

Foster is a member of The Americana Music Association & Folk Alliance International. He plays a Martin HD28 six-string with Elixir nanoweb strings and breaths through Hohner Special 20 harmonicas to give you that full of folk live music experience in the classic American singer-songwriter style that resonates bicoastal from the Cascade to Adirondack mountains. Please sign the email list to keep up with shows and recordings, follow on Facebook & You Tube, request songs on you favorite radio station, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. and see the photographic journey on Instagram — thanks for keeping independent songwriters going on down the road!